Microwave Early Warning Radar Blip

Microwave Early Warning Radar Blip

Date: September 16, 1947

Location: Fukuoka, Japan

MEW, Microwave Early Warning, radar station.

A target was picked up at a range of 89 miles on a bearing of 040°.

Target was tracked on an incoming course to a range of 19 miles and a bearing of 045° at which point it faded out.

The nearest known operational U.S.S.R. air bases are on the East coast of Korea at 39° 10' North Latitude and 127° 29' East Longitude, and Haeju on the West coast of Korea at 38° 02' North Latitude and 125° East Longitude.

The range to these oases from Fukuoka is 360 nautical miles. Genzan is classified as having permanent runways of 4,500' to 6,000' length and was highly operational by the Japanese.

Haeju has one runway of approximately 4000' length, probably surfaced.

It is therefore reasonable, to assume that the U.S.S.R. is utilizing the facilities at these bases to the utmost since the location is strategically between Vladivostok to the North and the U.S. occupied areas of Korea to the South.

A recent report from the U.S. XXIV Corps, evaluated F-3, states:

A new type aircraft on Haeju airstrip North Korea.

This aircraft emitted black smoke on take off, but was not identified as jet propelled.

Speed: 840 to 900 mph, altitude: 10,000' to 20,000'.

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