UFO Observed Near Fort Sumner

UFO Observed Near Fort Sumner

Date: July 10, 1947

Location: Near Ft. Sumner, NM

Dr. Lincoln LaPaz with wife and 2 teenage daughters were driving West on Hwy 60 when they saw a sharply outlined, white ellipsoidal seemingly luminous 200' object.

Wobbling in the distance to the West about 25 miles away distance from triangulation of the cloud bank by driving around it by about 90° over 50 miles along with Hwy 84 and weather data.

Object about 30 seconds almost motionless at a low speed of about 150 mph, ±30 mph.

Then disappeared behind a cloud at 273° azimuth elevation 1° but reappeared 5 seconds later further to the North, and higher at 275° azimuth 2° elevation.

About a mile distance traveled thus an average speed of roughly 600-900 mph, peak velocity about 1,400 mph at about 13 G's, but no sound, no trail.

The object continued to slowly drift North about 2 minutes, in level flight, until disappearing in the cloud bank, at about 287° azimuth.

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