Sighting in Fridley

Sighting in Fridley

Date: May - 1998

Location: Fridley, MN

I was driving South on University Avenue through Fridley when my passenger & I noticed some faint lights off in the southeastern sky.

About 30 seconds passed by and we could then see the 4 balls of light clearly.

Neither of us could believe what we were seeing.

The bright white lights looked as if they were hovering a few thousand feet off the ground over the northern section of Minneapolis.

It was a clear day with no clouds.

I slowed down my car and leaned part way out the window to see more clearly.

My passenger & I explained to each other what we were seeing as it was happening.

2 of the lights seemed to fade a little.

Then seemed to zoom South across the horizon, a few seconds later the 3rd seemed to do the same.

The brightest ball began to move across the sky at first to the southwest, it didnít just slowly fly either, it covered a huge distance in less than a second, then made an immediate turn and flew higher and to the northeast.

Iím guessing each time it cruised across the sky it was flying more than 20 miles in distance.

It continued to make what would be absolutely impossible maneuvers for about 45 seconds then shot across the sky southwest.

I am leaving this description for anyone to take from it what they will.

I know what I saw.

I had a witness with me.

This experience left us physically shaking because we had no explanation for what happened.

This wasnít a split second thing, we watched these balls of light hovering in mid air then speed away at thousands of mph.

The last one was the icing on the cake and brought me to an all out sweat because this whatever it was, was intelligently cruising around above the city making sharp zigzag maneuvers that no rocket, plane, helicopter, or missile could make.

I was close minded before this event, now Iím just freaked out.

Itís been 8 years since this happened and I canít get it out of my head.

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