Date: April 27, 2008

Location: Near Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia

An incident on Fraser Island near Queensland, Australia in the late 2000s is one of the most intriguing contact cases of recent times.

One that, as we might expect, leaves us with many more questions than answers.

The account is one that has several loose ends, that not only featured an intriguing UFO sighting but also close, if limited contact with a strange group of apparent extraterrestrials, contact that was very strange to say the least.

The account comes to us through a report submitted online by one of the 4 witnesses, and while we should perhaps treat it with a small pinch of salt, it is intriguing and worth examining, nonetheless.

Furthermore, as we shall see, the incident is but one of many strange sightings that have occurred in Australia during the opening decades of the 21st century.

In the early hours of April 27, 2008, a group of vacationing university friends decided to spend the last night of their holiday on Fraser Island in Queensland, Australia.

By around 4:30 A.M., most of the group were sleeping, but 4 of them, including the person who submitted a report of what would be one of the strangest nights of their lives.

They had made the decision to stay awake in order to watch the sunrise over the water, which they figured would happen in around 30 minutes.

At the moment, the skies were still dark, with the only light coming from a half moon that was occasionally covered with clouds.

It was the 4 friends were laying on the sand when one of them noticed something strange overhead.

It appeared like an unusually bright star, to begin with, but the friends knew straight away it was something strange.

As they discussed what the aerial anomaly might be, they came to the conclusion that it was definitely not a star, not least as it was below the clouds.

In fact, the more they looked at it, the more they realized it was unusually close to the horizon.

They contemplated if it might be a lighthouse but quickly dismissed this idea, certain there were no lighthouses in that direction.

It was, they suggested, a helicopter, although it appeared to be hovering for quite some time if it was.

Then, the light simply disappeared, as if it had been turned off.

Perplexed but not concerned, the group quickly forgot about the light and went on chatting waiting for the sunrise.

Then, however, it reappeared.

This time, though, it was much higher than it was previously.

After a moment or so, the curious glow moved in a right up right motion, similar to how you would imagine Pac Man moving in the electronic game.

Immediately, all 4 of the witnesses realized they were watching something truly out of the ordinary.

The group excitedly began to exchange ideas on just what they were watching, a slight sense of uneasiness also entering the atmosphere.

As they did so, the light made several more turns coming down at an angle, and eventually coming to a stop where the water met the horizon.

They watched as the white circular orb appeared to change shape, seemingly becoming more elongated while also changing color to green before going back to white.

Then, the object projected itself.

The group would describe this as when a light in a nightclub happened to shine straight at you, or as being similar to a laser pen.

What they all knew for sure was that the light was heading straight toward them, and it was doing so at an incredible rate.

The main witness attempted to keep his focus directly on the object.

However, he felt as though something had whizzed past them.

The next thing he realized, the light appeared to be directly on, moving up and down over his eyes.

As he adapted his focus he could see the object now appeared like a gray orb and was moving a short distance above the water until it finally reached the beach where they were standing.

While it did so, it slowed down dramatically.

Despite this, the 4 were now becoming quite terrified at what might happen, with the main witness calling out that the object was coming right up here.

As he shouted this, the other 3 began to step backward in an effort to avoid the oncoming aerial anomaly.

As they did so they became aware that the object appeared to be completely silent, not making a single sound.

They also noticed that there appeared to be an electrical charge in the air, something they suspected was connected to this craft.

The witness described the object in his report as looking similar to a disk only flipped up like a tire or snail shell.

He would elaborate that although he could see the definite outline of the object he couldn't see through it, stating his belief that it appeared cloaked, similar to the Predator movie.

By this stage all four of the friends were almost frozen with fear, occasionally taking an unsure step backward. Eventually, the object came to a complete stop. Slowly, the witness reached for their camera in order to snap a picture of the bizarre craft. However, before he could so do, the objects outline appeared to disappear.

A moment later, a very bright pulse of light flashed from above and lit up the entire beach.

The witness elaborated that the light was very quick that couldve been missed if you blinked.

Following the pulse of light, the energy in the air dropped, and the object vanished.

Then, in the witnesss words, everything became very strange.

To begin with, the group began to chatter excitedly about what the object was and where it had vanished to.

Then, after several seconds, they noticed a strange group of people standing around 300' away from them on the beach.

The group froze.

Each was thinking the same thing.

Just how had the mystery group of people arrived on the beach without any of them noticing?

The only path to where they were standing came from behind them meaning they would have had to have passed the witnesses.

On the other side were thorny bushes and woodland with a campsite several miles away.

Whats more, the group were fairly certain that the group had not been there previously.

It was at this point that the main witness suggested to the others that the group of people might not be people at all they might, be aliens.

They continued to watch the new group, every now and then one of them throwing up a suggestion as to who they might be and how they had arrived there, the fear that had temporarily vanished returning once more.

Despite this, one of the witnesses set out walking toward this strangely appearing and curious group.

After he had taken several steps, the main witness followed, both of them stopping a stones throw away.

From the closer position, they could see there were 8 individuals standing in 2 lines, shoulder to shoulder in groups of 2.

When one of them called out to the group, 3 of them turned to face them, but did so much like a soldier or a robot.

The main witness called out once more, asking:

Who are you? How did you get down here?

However, instead of responding, the figures simply stared at the group with blank faces.

They were each wearing heavy black garments which were surprising to the witnesses given the tropical temperatures.

The fact that they remained standing motionless and silent only unnerved the witnesses even more.

Despite this, the main witness called out once more:

Where are you from?

This caused another of the figures to turn to face them in the same robotic manner.

The witnesses, especially the 2 standing closest to the mystery group only became even more terrified.

Both witnesses standing closest to the group could see that this recently turned figure appeared to be holding some kind of small blue light.

He had turned toward the ground, as if looking for or even photographing something.

In truth, he stated in his report that the best way he could describe this object was as the LCD display of a digital camera.

As they contemplated what was happening, one of the figures turned back away from them into the position they had originally been facing.

Then the main witness and his friend decided to head back and rejoin the other members of the group.

When they arrived, they began discussing just what they had seen.

However, several moments later, they all stopped dead as they realized that one of the figures was making its way toward them.

At first, the group feared the figure was approaching them.

Be that as it may, as they got closer, they could tell that his course would take them just in front by about 30' and that they were not his target after all.

They remained where they were, quiet and watching these most strange events unfold.

The closer the mysterious figure came the more he appeared as though it was running in very short strides and was chopping his feet behind his body very quickly.

Curiously, as the figure passed in front of them, he raised his hand slightly and moved it in front of his face, as if waving toward the group in greeting.

When he did so, the group could see that he appeared to be wearing big gloves on his hands.

Before long, one of the friends set out toward the figure in an effort to get closer.

As soon as he did so, the figure turned around and went back in the direction he had just come, clearly eager to avoid any close contact with any of them.

Without delay, 2 of the original 4 said they had seen enough and left the beach in order to join the rest of the group.

The main witness and his friend, who had approached the figure, sat down in the sound and contemplated just what had happened.

By the time the Sun eventually came up, the remaining 2 witnesses could see that the strange group had gone.

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