Bandits 6 o'clock High And Low

Bandits 6 o'clock High And Low

Date: June 6, 1944

Location: France

There were lights on the object.

There were electrical or magnetic effects.

I was part of the 8th Air force during WWII.

We where on a bombing mission in the early hours of the Normandy landings.

Our target was a railroad depot where the Germans used that railroad to bring men and material up to the Atlantic wall.

So being that reinforcements could be brought up and to cut supply lines it was a target.

After all these years I've lost the coordinates of our target.

About 10 minutes after we crossed the coast.

I heard one of our escorts over the radio call out:

Bandits 6 o'clock high and low.

Now, after I heard this, I went to cock my weapon I was the right side waist gunner looking inside of our formation before we left on our raid.

And I check and recheck my weapon.

One of the objects appeared in between our formation and my I went to cock my weapon and it jammed.

I tried my best to check the jam.

It appeared normal.

About 15 minutes after it appeared, it disappeared and my weapon had cleared.

It was the strangest thing ever because we also had radio loss and our #4 engine had stalled out.

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