Excerpt From A Book

Excerpt From A Book

Date: February 17, 1949

Location: France

An author of sensationalistic UFO books reported in 1958 without indication of his sources than one French peasant Alain Berard, in France at an unknown place, on February 17, 1949 at night, saw a large object landing not far from his farm with a flash of green fire illuminating the whole sky.

Berard, who was at his bedroom window, did not wake his wife but took his rifle and descended into the courtyard, moved toward the thing fallen in the middle of his property.

He is said to have claimed later that when the object passed over the few trees in the bottom of the courtyard he saw a large, dark mass from which 3 figures moved toward him.

It is said he claimed that he got very amazed because those beings, though moving upon short and stocky legs, had no head.

While he tried to keep his cool, he pointed his rifle and shot 3 times at them, and the horrible figures remained still for a moment, then disappeared, mingling into the darkness of that giant black object, which a moment later took off, disappearing with another blinding green flame.

The story was picked up by ufologist Jacques Vallee and nothing more is known about it.

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