Very Large Silver UFO

Very Large Silver UFO

Date: August 15, 1960

Location: Framingham, MA

My mom, dad, friend & I were traveling home after a Sunday drive.

At this point I am not sure of the exact year, but I was between 8 and 11.

We traveled Mt. Wate Ave. past the local radio station WKOX.

There was a very large silver UFO hanging over the radio transmission tower.

We pulled over a little further down the road and watched it for about 20 minutes.

As we watched it in awe for about 17 minutes 2 smaller chevron shaped objects ejected from the side of the craft and hovered for a few minutes then in a instant all 3 vanished.

Granted this happened some 40 years ago it is as vivid in my mind as the day it happened

We did report it, and called the radio station they reported to us that others had also reported it and that their signal had been effected for about ½ an hour.

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