Witnessed UFO In Dogfight With 3 P-51 Mustangs

Witnessed UFO In Dogfight With 3 P-51 Mustangs

Date: May 4, 1945

Location: Jutland, Fraer, Denmark

All 3 pilots were on their way back to their base in England from a raid in Danish water, Kattegat.

But they were on their course crossing a big and very important German military radar and listening Camp code named Lindwurm.

With 6 special radar & listening systems were placed among other equipment.

I think that all 3 pilots got very surprised on this spot which looks peaceful, here is the event as I remember it:

On that very last day, just 14 hours before the World War II ended, the German surrender ended both in Denmark and Germany.

Simultaneously 3 Mustang Jagerfly IV passed by on crossing Jutland and were on a course of 280°.

A schoolboy has stopped on the road, when he heard this airplane noise which only could come from the allied flights.

The boy stopped on the road, on his way home from school, just outside one of the German Wurzbug Reise radar station, 100' to the road and when he saw Mustangs, he signaled to the 3 pilots by waving his arms.

The pilot in front tipped with his wings from side to side back to the boy.

On the precisely the same time German flak opened fire on these 3 Mustang IVs.

All 3 Mustang-flight´s now turned 360° around and back again to fire on this deadly German flak, hiding in a very small forest area.

Pilot was hit in his arm, and the aircraft was shot.

The Mustang crash landed few minutes later in an open field, approximately ½ mile East of the city Hornum village, where he was taken care of and brought to Rigshospitalet Hospital by civilians and a local doctor, just before the German army approached the crashed plane.

The German army now went to Rigshospitalet Hospital to take him as prisoner, but the hospital chief/doctor refused to do it, as he said:

This patient was in treatment.

The pilot soon recovered and was back in Great Britain within 2 weeks.

The schoolboy shortly after that got in serious trouble from 2 German soldiers, who were stationed at this Wurzbug radar, nearby him.

They shout, threaten and run after the boy, they want to give him a beating.

The boy jumped on his bicyckle as fast as he could away to his home.

Another special event took place as those 3 Mustang turning 360° around to fire back on the flak.

Thnn they made an approximately 90° turn and all meet a grey colored hat formed object hanging in the air, 300' off the ground, without sound.

When this grey hat object realized that it now could get in trouble, it started at once away from those Mustangs in a southsouthwest direction.

When the object, a German Haunebu Vril-7, was on its side marked with a German Iron Cross.

This object started with a short heavy noise, a sound as you may imagine coming from many metal dustbins, like rumbling and away was this grey hat was as fast as a present day jet fighter.

This report on this document I hereby sign, testifying as the witness, to that the above report, confirming that this incident did take place as described here.

I would like to get in contact to one or all 3 RAF pilot who were stationed at Banff Air Base in northern England in may 1945.

All 3 Mustangs on crossing out over Jutland, some flak positions by Mariager, correct position was Fraer near Skoerping opened fire.

Mustang Jagerfly was hit in his arm and the aircraft was shot.

Bell crash landed near Aars and he was taken to Rigshospitalet Hospital, and soon recovered.

Some sources also state that the Banff Strike Wing was escorted by their Air Sea Rescue Warwicks as well.

It has later been confirmed that pilot #1 has been killed in Kenya by the Mau Mau movement in Kenya sometime between 1952 & 1956.

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