A Sighting in the Hills

A Sighting in the Hills

Date: 1995 or 1996

Location: Foxham, Wiltshire, England

I was about 10 years old at the time and the 3 of us we lying on some hay bales and looking up at the sky and chatting & joking around.

One of us noticed 2 or 3 small white dots straight above in the sky and they were dancing about like flies. they looked far to high up to be airplanes and were moving far to fast and irregularly too.

We all saw them and just sat and watched.

It may not have been connected but friends then noticed clouds drifting overhead in specific shapes…one in the shape of the U.K. and another vaguely spelling Loyd is key, this may have been our imaginations running wild but it was very strange.

I never saw anything like it again but would love to know if what I saw sound similar to something spotted before or not.

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