Jets Chased A Silver Dot

Jets Chased A Silver Dot

Date: June 15, 1953

Location: Fort Worth, TX

In the early 1950s I was just a child, but I still remember the day when my Mother, 2 other neighborhood women, and a couple of kids where in our front yard and we saw the jets from Carswell AFB in the sky.

Jets were a big deal in that day and time, so we all stopped what we were doing to get a look at the jets.

I remember my Mother and the other neighbor women pointing at the jets and then one of them asked:

What is that in front of them there?

We all shaded our eyes and looked closer.

All I could make out was a silver dot.

Are the jets chasing that thing?

Oh, my gosh. Did you see that?

One of the women asked.

What I had saw was 3 jets chasing after a silver dot.

The dot stopped, shot straight up from it's position, the jets flew under it, the dot dropped back to it's orginal position and then shot straight back in the direction it had appeared from and was out of sight by the time the jets had made a full turn around.

It was just forward, up while the jets flew under it and started to turn, down, and gone.

I remember one of the women said:

It never turned around, it just went up and back down and now it is gone.

That thing was too fast to of been a helicopter or another plane, my Mom stated.

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