3 Wobbling Saucer Shaped Objects

3 Wobbling Saucer Shaped Objects

Date: June 13, 1952

Location: Fortville, IN

3 saucer shaped objects flying fast, with wobbling motion from North to South at a medium high altitude.

No sound, no trails, only silence.

The morning is bright, sunny, the blue sky cloudless.

One object is seen, then 2 others, further distant.

Since I am facing West, they are initially spotted to my right, North, at about 140°.

And watched as they disappeared off to the left, South, at approximately 30°.

The elevation is some 35° above the horizon.

Requiring about 18 to 20 seconds to traverse the 110° or so viewing field between the angles, and at an estimated altitude of at least 15,000' to 20,000' feet', their speed is great.

There is no sound, no trails, no maneuvers, just straight, swift, purposeful flight.

The objects are round and flat, saucer shaped, and wobble as they fly, an action similar to that of a thrown tin can lid.

This wobbling behavior enables me to notice that the upper surface is a bright, whitish/silver/blue, a color quite like that of burning magnesium.

While the underside is dark gray or almost black.

The closest craft looks to be about the size of a full Moon.

When seen directly overhead, the other 2, being at a greater distance, appear much smaller.

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