Colorado UFO

Colorado UFO

Date: June 30, 1972

Location: Fort Collins, CO

The sighting was seen through a north facing second story window of a 100 year old farmhouse.

Three family members were watching TV, all lights in house were off when first eye witness saw red and blue flashing lights and said:

What is that?

Second and third eye witnesses saw what looked like a black helicopter they saw the lights, but could hear no saound from the UFO at all.

As they all stared transfixed at this, the object just hovered.

The view of what looked like a pilot operating this craft was seen, the pilot was wearing a full helmet so no facial features could be seen but the fact is it was human like in form after hovering for what seemed like a short period of time, it slowly moved upwards to the roof and quietly left. What was strange, is after this encounter you would think the three would have been in shock or scared to death or even call to report this.

Instead they turned back to continue watching TV. All these years have gone by and yet we all remember this in detail and still can't beleive we all just went back to watching TV, did we lose time? It was and still is a continueing thought of what and how this was not the only UFO sighting.

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