First Hand Ghostly Experience

Date: July - 2008

One night recently my 1 yr old son wouldn't go to bed, so my fiancee and I decided it would be easier for everyone if he slept with us in our bed. When I went to bed it was just my son, my fiancee and I, My lab was also in the room, but we had no guests, or anyone else in the house. My doors are always locked at night.

Around 2:00 a.m. or 3:00 a.m., I didn't check the time, I woke up to what sounded like running, Two clearly different sounding footsteps, in my living room, down the hall, and to my sons room. I jumped up because I though my son woke up and was playing around in the house. I looked in the bed for him and couldn't find him, I was sure he was awake and up. Before I got to my bedroom door to go investigate the running sounded like it was on the roof not inside my home. I was still convinced it was my ambitious mini me, running around so I proceeded to go get him and put him back in bed. I opened the door and went through the house, the running stopped when I came through my bedroom door to the hallway. I looked through every room, bathroom and hallway. I couldn't find Alex, I was afraid he went out the back door. Panic stricken, I rushed out the back door calling his name. He wasn't there either!! I ran back inside the house and to my room, my heart pounding the whole way. I burst in to the door and turned on the lights, ripped the blankets off the bed and there he was fast asleep next to his dad!!!!

Relieved, I turned off all the lights, re-locked the doors and went to my room to go back to sleep, then it hit me! As I closed my bedroom door i heard the running again and it went over my head so I KNEW it was on the roof! I climbed back into bed and went to sleep. I'm used to being visited by the unexplained, I was just glad it wasn't Alex getting into trouble!!

Every time I try to tell anyone what happened that night my words fall on deaf ears. I know my house isn't haunted so I have no idea what it could have been. If a house is haunted, they let me know with in minutes of me walking through the front door. Its kind of a cold, dizzy feeling, its hard to explain! Like someone is watching you or pressing up against your back when you walk!


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