2 Friends See Brightest Light Ever

2 Friends See Brightest Light Ever

Date: August 15, 1937

Location: Fontana, CA

We were walking home after going to the movies in downtown Fontana.

It was a real dark night and we were walking down a old 2 lane road without street lights, with no cars going or coming.

We were just talking and walking as 3 young boys will do, when to our surprise, the brightest light that we had ever seen came on right above us, it was cylinder in shape, it was like we were in a bright glass.

We just stood and looked up at it, it didn't move and we didn't either.

We asked each other what it was.

We were not able to even make a guess.

Then we all got afraid of it, and ran into a orange grove and hid under orange trees, but the light just moved with us, it was brighter then daylight under the orange tree that I was under.

We were yelling at each other and really scared by this time.

We didn't know what to do, and then just like it came on the light went off.

We stayed under the trees and talk back and forth to each other untill we got up enought nerve to get up and run.

This was a long time before anyone ever said they had seen an UFO or little green men.

But for a long time after that event, I had what I thought were dreams.

I would awake in room with subdued light, with 4 or 5 of the the little people with the big head and eyes, they always looked light blue or green or grey to me.

They would be moving all around and touching me.

I was never to afraid of them,

I can't ever recall being hurt in any way, and in this dream that I used to have, once in a while a door would open with a bright light, and in the doorway would be this tall man, I could never tell what he looked like, all I could see was his shadow, he would say something to the little people and soon after I would awake in my bed.

This was doing the great depression and we lived in a old tractor barn with very few people near us.

Like I said about what I thought were dreams I'm not to sure if they were or not anymore.

People have a hard time believing what you tell them you have seen, but the older I get the more I think there is more to my story then I thought, all of the people that say they have seen the same thing that I saw back in the 1937 or 1938 can't all be telling storys.

I can't think of anything back then that could stop and hover above you with a tube like light and not make a sound.

The question to myself is what the heck was it and was I having just dreams.

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