Several Groups Of UFOs Fly Over Witnesses

Several Groups Of UFOs Fly Over Witnesses

Date: April 20, 1952

Location: Flint, MI

A naval aviation student, his wife, and several others were at a drive in movie from 9:15 p.m. to 10:40 p.m., during which time they saw several groups of objects fly over.

There were from 2 to 9 objects in a group and there were about 20 groups.

The groups of objects flew in a straight line except for some changes in direction accomplished in a manner like any standard aircraft turn.

The objects were shaped like conventional aircraft.

The unaccountable feature of the objects was that each had a red glow surrounding it and was glowing itself, although it was a cloudless night.

About 20 separate groups of objects were seen by several witnesses on the ground in clear weather.

They appeared in separate smaller groups of from 2 to 9 objects, each group remaining visible for about 6 to 10 seconds.

All objects appeared to have a constant intensity of cherry red color with a halo around each one.

Their shape was described as that of a fuselage with extended, high aspect wings.

They changed position at an amazing rate and their direction of flight changed in large radius turns, each object appearing to go into high bank angle turns.

The objects were estimated to travel across the sky at more than 1,200 mph in a generally straight path at from 10,000' to 30,000' altitude.

They seemed to disappear in different directions to the North of the witnesses.

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