Flatwoods Monster

Flatwoods Monster
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Date: September 12, 1952

Location: Flatwoods, WV

A study that revealed three separate alien aircraft crash-landed a combined 10 times on this historic night in West Virginia, the benchmark of the UFO phenomena, when the Flatwoods Monster was born. Just before dusk, 5 boys playing near the Flatwoods Grade School were instantly distracted by a large fiery object they saw descend from the sky and disappear among the trees on a nearby hill. To further investigate the strange sight, two brothers among the group, Fred & Eddie May, stopped at their home to get flashlights and were joined by their mother, Kathleen, when she heard what they were up to.

Gene Lemon, a 17 year old neighbor and National Guardsman, joined Mrs. May and the five boys as they hiked up the mountain in search of answers. At one point in their travel the group could see a large, dark object pulsating on the ground some distance ahead of them. Within minutes, they became aware of a fog like mist in the area that carried an overpowering burnt metallic stench. Though the group was nauseated by the odor, they continued on toward the dark object. Suddenly, a noise to their left, near an old tree, attracted their attention. They aimed their flashlights in the direction of the sound.

To their horror, they saw a monstrous being with a red face and orange, glowing eyes. The creature was about 12' tall and had a head enclosed by an ace of spades shaped helmet-like assembly that sat atop an outward flaring cone. As the strange entity slowly floated toward them, the terrified group quickly retreated from the mountain. As they all returned to the May home, Mrs. May contacted local authorities to report the strange experience. The next day investigators discovered skid marks and an oil like substance that presumably came from the UFO.

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