Bright Stationary Object Over Jet Factory

Bright Stationary Object Over Jet Factory

Date: August 1, 1954

Location: Farmingdale, NY

I was a design engineer at Republic Aviation the year Colliers Magazine had a great series on space platforms.

I was called from lunch outside where a round, bright silvery object was directly overhead.

I moved so it could be seen lined up with the edge of the factory roof, I wanted to see if it moved like a balloon.

It did not move for over 10 minutes.

I had to check a problem on an F84F located about a ½ mile away, drove there, entered cockpit & looked up.

The object was still there.

When I looked up a few moments later the object was gone.

One of my friends at the plant said it streaked northeast over the horizon in a few seconds.

He calculated various speeds at different altitudes, all fantastic.

I was an Air Force B24 pilot a few years before & never before or since have seen what I would call a UFO.

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