Fallon Navel Air Station

Fallon Navel Air Station

Date: September 15, 1959

Location: Fallon, NV

I was an Air Force radar operator at Fallon Navel Air Station, in the year of 1959.

I was working the day shift on scope that day.

We got a call by phone from the control tower that the navy operated. They said that there was somthing hovering near the mountian to the West of us.

The mountains was about 35 to 40 miles away and appeared as a permanent echo on our scopes. They wanted to know how high up it was. The radar height finder was next to my scope, I measured its height at 4,000' to 5,000", we reported this to the navy ops, we then opened the barn type doors located behind the plotting board, they faced West.

We took our binoculars and looked at a flying saucer.

You should try to talk to other military radar operators.

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