Circular Object Over Fairbanks

Circular Object Over Fairbanks

Date: September 9, 2004

Location: Fairbanks, AK

My Girlfriend and I went out to grab something to eat, a bite at Taco Bell.

We got our food and drove North on University Avenue then East on College Road. As we drove I happened to notice and point out a light in the sky that emanated a glow somewhat like a flash light being shone through a crystal.

Otherwise it looked like a normal star. We stopped at a Field adjacent to the Department of Wildlife Management still facing north. 2 radio towers stood in front of us approximately 2 miles away.

Directly above the radio towers the light could be seen, just very far away. I thought it important to note because we were able to see the light slowly move south of the blinking radio tower.

We were astonished at this point because the light began shine even brighter. The object appeared to be moving west towards our location.

It then decreased in brightness and repeated getting brighter then dim again. We sat for about an hour and a half watching the very distant light move very slowly!south then west towards my location.

My girlfriend was getting very scared at this point, but I convinced her to stay put.

The light then stopped moving and began to get dimmer and smaller until it vanished completely.

We sat in our seats astonished and dumbfounded for a about 40 minutes. My girlfriend who was a staunch UFO skeptic was shaken for days.

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