F-16 Shoots Down UFO

F-16 Shoots Down UFO

Location: Air Space Over Saudi Arabia

A high level source has revealed that an Air Force F16 gunned down a UFO over Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm, 5 nations are trying to cover up the encounter. I don't know all the details but I'm sure that when this story comes out it will shake the world, It's a cover-up waiting to explode, said Colonel Gregor Petrokov, a Russian official. Petrokov said he was one of the first experts at the crash site in a barren desert region 250 miles northeast of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The Americans won't admit it was a UFO their plane shot down, but the debris was not from any known aircraft.

The Saudis were so frightened that they asked American, British & French investigators to come to the crash site immediately. Petrokov was visiting in Riyadh at the time, and that he and a small Russian team were able to inspect the wreckage before American forces from Desert Storm arrived. The craft was circular and made of a material I've never seen before. About a third of it seemed to be missing, possibly blown away by the American missiles. The Saudis wouldn't let us touch anything, but we saw instruments, machinery and other things that completely baffled us. He said the markings on the instrument panels and dials were not in any language he was familiar with. It seemed to be a relatively small craft, maybe 15' across. There were 3 chairs, probably for its crew, they were so small they seemed to have been made for children. Evidently space aliens are only about 3' feet tall. Most amazing, was the fact that there were no bodies at the crash site, nor did there appear to be an engine in the craft.

The American missiles may have scored a direct hit on the engine, causing it to disintegrate, But I checked with the Saudi radar technicians and they claim their instruments didn't show anyone ejecting or bailing out from the craft. Search helicopters were all over the area, which is a desert, and they did not spot any survivors in the vicinity of the crash.

During interviews with the radar technicians, Petrokov was told that the blip identified as the UFO appeared out of nowhere as 4 F-16s were streaking towards Baghdad. One of the American jets broke from formation and headed for the UFO. The craft started moving southwest, away from the jet, and the American pilot gave chase. When the F-16 was within 3 miles, the craft seemed to fire something at the plane but missed. The American then fired two missiles. Both hit the targwt. There was a terrific explosion, and then the crash. When American investigators arrived, Petrokov mentioned he & his team were immediately ordered out of the area and flown back to Riyadh. There were things they didn't want us to see, I think, than the fact that the craft was circular, that there were no survivors and that it was made of a foreign substance. Petrokov said members of his team were able to sneak pictures without the knowledge of the Saudis or Americans, but he was ordered to turn them over to Russian authorities the next day. Petrokov said American army engineers gathered up all debris and carted it away for shipment to the U.S.

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