Flying Isosceles Triangle With Lights

Flying Isosceles Triangle With Lights

Date: November 8, 1968

Location: Exeter, RI

I was driving home about 8:50 p.m., the sky was completely dark, on a rural road with no streetlights.

Above a large open field I saw three colored lights at about what I estimate to have been the height of a typical cell tower. There is no cell tower in this location and the lights were not blinking. I slowed down the car, moved over to the shoulder and got out to view it.

I saw something moving, as I said, about the height of a typical cell tower, at a very slow rate of speed with three lights, one in each corner of the isosceles triangle. the lights were yellow, red and what seemed to be an orange. No light was visible in the center of the triangle. The lights must have moved over my car as I was driving before I got out.

I watched the triangle move slowly in the sky overhead for about 5 minutes until it moved out of view. The lights never flickered or wicked out and the colors were constant on the corners of the triangle. I wish I had thought to put out my tape measure, I always carry a tape measure with me as I am a sewer. In order to estimate the distance between the light so someone to mathematically estimate the size of the triangle.

The triangle made no sound at all. Only the lights were visible in the night sky. The color of the body of whatever it was between the lights could not be discerned. I also want to say that my car did not experience any sputtering as I saw the object. The radio was on and there was no interference. I got back into my car, the car operated just fine and I was home at 9:00 p.m.

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