Triangle UFO Watched

Triangle UFO Watched

Date: April - 2002

Location: Ewing, KY

My wife and I noticed what we thought was a spotlight from an aircraft several miles away from the highway we were on.

I told my wife that I thought the light might be near our house in Ewing, KY. She asked what I thought it was and I said:

Probably a helicopter. They might be looking for a fugitive along the railroad.

When we got to our home, at the end of our drive was a black triangle with 3 dimly lit lights. The triangle made no sound and was just barely clearing the trees.

The triangle traveled very slowly so its ability to maintain altitude was not due to aerodynamics.

The next day my son and I took photographs and added in a black triangle graphic to show what we saw. I think this is probably not extraterrestrial, but most likely a secret aircraft.

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