Cynthia Everett Sighting

Cynthia Everett Sighting

Date: July 22, 1808

Location: Camden, ME

Although it happened close to 200 years ago in the town of Camden, Maine, an apparent UFO sighting from 1808 is perhaps worth looking into. If only to demonstrate just how long these types of bizarre aerial sightings have occurred for.

Cynthia Everett was a schoolteacher who would teach in Camden throughout the early 1800s. It would appear she is certainly a credible witness not prone to falsehood.

The following is the diary entry in question:

About 10 o’clock I saw a very strange appearance. It was a light which proceeded from the east. At the first sight, I thought it was a meteor, but from its motion I soon perceived it was not. It seem to dart at first as quickly as light. And appeared to be in the atmosphere but lowered toward the ground and kept on at an equal distance sometimes ascending and sometimes descending.

It moved round in the then visible horizon, it was not very light, and then returned back again, nor did we view it till it was extinguished.

While she writes nothing more of the event, given her higher than average, for the time, level of education, including having a reasonable knowledge of the skies and stars, that if Cynthia could have said what it was, or even was likely to be, she would have. Instead, she dismisses that it might be a meteor and, indeed, leaves the object unidentified.

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