3 Sunbathers

3 Sunbathers

Date: July 8, 1947

Location: Evansville, IL

Perhaps the first 2 reports of flying saucers over Evansville occurred on July 8 of that year.

3 people were sunbathing on the roof of the old Downtown YMCA around 1:30 p.m., when they saw what the Courier described as a big red disk.

It was thought the disk might have been a weather balloon sent up by the weather bureau, the Courier reported.

But no balloon had been released that day.

The other sighting came a couple hours later.

A man calling himself Bill Dorr called the Courier and told a reporter he'd been flying with a man named Frank Long when 6 saucers swarmed their plane.

They were ambling at 10,000' near the airport when the cluster appeared.

The saucers were about 15' wide and 4' tall.

They were going so fast they just up and pulled away from us, the caller said.

Despite the fact he gave his name, the Courier was never sure who the man really was.

When they called Long, he denied seeing any kind of saucer, much less a whole fleet of them.

And the only Bill Dorr they could find in the phone book just laughed.

I am quite sure if I did see any saucers today, there was a cup of coffee with them, he said.

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