Craft In Same Part Of Sky For 3 Nights

Craft In Same Part Of Sky For 3 Nights

Date: May 15, 1959

Location: Evanston, IL

This event occurred over several nights.

I was a university student, living in a dormitory.

On the first night, I saw a distant craft, the reason I knew it was a craft and not a star was that it did not move at all, and then at a certain point it took off and disappeared quickly.

The same thing occurred on the second night, luckily I had friends with me.

On the third night, I gathered a group of the other members in my dorm, perhaps 8- to 5, and we all watched it do the same exact thing.

On the fourth night, I called the observatory on campus but the craft did not appear.

I felt that the beings in the craft knew I had called the observatory, and that's why it didn't appear.

All along, as I, and then we, looked at the craft, I felt the craft members knew we were watching them, and were in fact looking back at us.

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