Escazu, Costa Rica Sighting

Escazu, Costa Rica Sighting

Date: May 2, 1978

Location: Escazu, Costa Rica

UFOlogist Carlos Vilchez reportedly indicated that in Escazu, 10 year old Eduardo Enrique Lacayo was out playing in the front yard of his uncle’s house when he saw a cat.

He decided to chase the animal as it ran towards a large empty lot across from the house. As he ran towards a field he suddenly noticed a silvery disk shaped object, resembling two soup plates placed together, emitting a strong yellow light, and about 15 meters in diameter, hovering at about 200 meters above the ground, with a slight wobbling motion.

Suddenly, a gray cloud like mist emerged from the object and descended towards the ground. The mist like vapor took the shape of a human like figure that remained suspended above the ground.

The figure wore a kind of cape or long tunic that did not reach its feet, since the boy was able to observe gold colored lace less shoes on the figure’s feet. The figure was about 6' in height.

The cat apparently also observed the spectacle since the witness noticed that the animal’s hair stood on end and it scurred from the scene, terrified. The boy did not notice any facial features on the figure, except what appeared to be thin lips.

The figure extended its arms at the witness as if beckoning to him, and appeared to open its mouth.

At that point the boy, who had so far felt no fear, ran quickly away from the area. Looking back, he did not see the figure, but saw the object rising up at very high speed.

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