I Felt Something

I Felt Something

Date: May 30, 1963

Location: Emporia, KS

I have witnessed many bizarre things in my life beginning at age 4, this is not the strangest.

After supper, about 5:20 p.m. when I was 12 yrs old, I went to get the newspaper in the front of our house, facing south. As I was bent over, I felt something up and to the right of me. I then heard a faint whoosh as a satin black, not gloss or flat, craft flew over the middle of our field, traveling East to West at about 25 mph, and about 150' up. I was perhaps 175' away.

The Sun had not yet set, so there was ample light.

The rectangular craft was about 6' to 7' tall, 30' wide, 50' long without colors or markings. I was able to see good detail that there were no seams anywhere. There were no outside lights or front windows. The front and back of the craft angled out 2° to 3° at the base, pylon. There were no sharp corners, the edges were rounded and smooth. There were 3 round portholes, windows approximately 2½' in diameter evenly spaced on the side I could see.

Instead of racing to get a camera, I stayed to observe.

Feeling scared, I looked into the windows which were emitting a dark yellow, not amber or orange, light from the far interior of the craft. I saw no people, aliens or anything.

Relieved, I assumed it was military and headed to Fort Riley, Junction City, KS. I would just like to know if anyone, anywhere has seen this same craft?

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