Ely UFO Crash & Cover Up

Ely UFO Crash & Cover Up

Date: August 14, 1952

Location: Ely, Nevada

Sometime in the summer of 1952, A Mr. Claude House, the Sheriff and his deputy, along with several other observers, watched as a bright object emitting a low hum lit up the area around the neighborhood.

The next day, reports of a UFO crash began to make the rounds around the neighborhood, and a few of the witnesses went to an area around Kennecott, Nevada, to investigate reports of a possible UFO crash that happened the previous day. When they arrived, the area was cordoned off and they were told that a light plane had crashed in the area.

Another local resident, Mary Sorenson, related that a close friend working as a security guard at the time at a local copper mine, stated that he had witnessed a UFO crash in the same vicinity at the time of the UFO sighting by House but was sworn to secrecy by the government.

The guard has since died and no other account concerning the incident was ever forthcoming from him.

Other sources list the exact date of the crash as August 14, 1952, as well as the claim that 16 alien bodies were recovered from the crash.

The alleged crash of an alien ship near Ely during the 1950s is remembered in:

Weird Las Vegas and Nevada, Your Alternative Travel Guide to Sin City and the Silver State.

The eclectic collection spins strange yarns and tales of Nevada.

A new book by chronicles weird and not so weird rumors and tales of Las Vegas and most other parts of Nevada in a 247 page hardcover volume.

Now about Ely, there is a chapter titled Secret UFO Crash at Ely. The preceding chapter is called Nevada UFO Roundup.

The book tells the 55 year old tale of a young woman from Ely who allegedly witnessed a flying saucer crash in August, 1952.

According to the book, several local people arrived at the scene before a secret federal, possibly military, team and claimed that they saw the remains of a dead alien crew.

Some say the body count was the highest of any crash of a starship that was not of this world. Of course, the government squashed whatever happened in the interest of national security or to avoid an embarrassment.

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