Bright Yellow/Orange Circle 10' In Diameter

Bright Yellow/Orange Circle 10' In Diameter

Date: April 1, 1959

Location: El Sobrante, CA

Myself, 2 younger brothers & 2 neighbor kids playing in the backyard on a Saturday morning.

We saw a bright orange/yellow circle, about 10' in diameter, silently cruising about 50' above the ground.

It was as bright as the Sun.

My younger brother asked me what it was.

I told him it was the Sun, although I knew it wasn't, at 8 years old I had no other answer given my limited frame of reference.

They chased it, threw rocks at it.

It drifted silently on it's course at about 5 mph, until it passed over our backyard and out of sight.

It could have been in June of that year because it was warm that morning, perhaps the beginning of summer.

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