UFO Over White Sands

UFO Over White Sands

Date: September 15, 1957

Location: El Paso, TX

This object approached from the West, White Sands Proving Grounds or Alamogordo, NM, moving to the East.

I was in the army stationed at Fort Bliss Texas, the air defense center, training to shoot down aircraft.

Fort Bliss is not too far from Biggs Air Force Base, A SAC Bomber Base.

We had fallen out for formation around 4:30 a.m. and it was about 1 hour before sunrise.

While standing in formation we observed a dish shaped object approaching from the West, white in color, that could have been due to the altitude and the reflection of the rising Sun giving it that color.

And you could tell it was spinning because what appeared to be flames were coming off of it.

The object stopped and began to hover.

You could tell that the object was spinning and leaving what you could say was a vapor trail.

The object moved at great speed and would stop abruptly and change direction.

The entire platoon witnessed this object for about 10 minutes.

As with any occurrence like this, we talked about it during breakfast and I think that is as far as it went.

We had heard on the news several reports of strange objects being seen in other areas of the Texas panhandle around the same period of time.

Finally the object reversed itself and went out of site in the direction from where it came.

But when the Sun came up the vapor trail disappeared.

There were no flashing lights or lights that could be seen nor was there any sound that could be heard.

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