UFO Flies Over Couples Car

UFO Flies Over Couples Car

Date: May 6, 2008

Location: Elliott, Queensland, Australia

70 year old Lawrie Fuchs and his 69 year old wife, Gwen, were driving back to their hometown of Elliott from Queensland when they noticed a strange object in the sky overhead.

Even stranger, they claimed that the object swooped down on their vehicle.

They estimated the object was around 20' feet' wide and passed over their vehicle at such speed that the force from it forced their car into the middle of the road.

They further described the object as a dark, silvery flash, and made a loud sound as it went over the top of their vehicle.

Interestingly, only the previous week in Tennant Creek, a local resident, Alan Martin, reported seeing a similar silver, disk shaped object that also appeared to dive toward him, causing him to run into the woodland in an attempt to lose it.

Although the location is not known, several weeks later, on August 1, 2008, an unnamed witness was taking pictures of his dog outside when he noticed that a striking rainbow had appeared in the clouds overhead.

He turned his camera to the aerial display intending to capture several pictures of it.

As he was looking through the viewfinder of the camera he noticed a strange dot just to the side of the rainbow.

At first, he thought it was a plane.

However, when he realized that it wasn't moving but was completely stationary, he realized it was something altogether out of the ordinary.

He continued to watch the spherical object for around 15 minutes, amazed by the fact that it remained completely motionless.

He attempted to see it with his naked eye but was unable to do so.

By the time he looked again through the viewfinder, he was no longer able to find it.

When he later viewed an enlarged picture of the object he had captured on his camera, it appeared there was some kind of energy shimmer surrounding it.

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