Missing Time In Port Elizabeth

Missing Time In Port Elizabeth

Date: December 12, 1972

Location: Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa

We were camping out near Sardina Bay 65 miles from Port Elizabeth in a party of about 12 others,

My dad neeeded some gear from home, I went with him leaving my brother and mother at the camp site with our friends.

We set off back home at around 3:00 p.m. the trip back is on a narrow road not used much and very remote, the road weaves through a heavily dense bush area. the journey normally took around 90 mins.

We arrived home just past midnight. We loaded the gear to take back with us, returning to campsite at around 2:00 a.m.

Neither myself or my father could offer any credible reason for the missing time, we did not fall asleep, we recall setting off and then we were at home just pulling onto the drive at Midnight.

Shortly after this I had very sharp pains in my right leg in the shin area and still have today occasionally. I have not told any one about this till now. My father died 18 months after the event of cancer he was 39 yr old.

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