Member Of 1946 Elite Secret Military Crash Team Describes UFO Searches

Member Of 1946 Elite Secret Military Crash Team Describes UFO Searches

Date: 1940s

Location: Worldwide

An expert witness to a UFO crash was interviewed.

This person was a member of an elite, secret, military airplane crash team in the 1940s.

The team investigated several airplane crashes.

Then, about 6 months before the Roswell event, this crash team was ordered to race by land to a crash scene in a mountain wilderness area.

The team had to force hike into the crash site.

The hike consumed the better part of 1½ days since it was extremely difficult to find the crash site.

Once discovered, it was quickly obvious that something had slammed into the top side of the mountain, and %100 exploded into thousands of palm sized pieces which were strewn all over the forest floor. My witness picked up a sample and conducted simple field tests on the strange object. The tests defied the known laws of engineering and physics.

The secret, elite military crash team member reveals another UFO crash event months before Roswell.

The witness is a former crew chief who in the 1940s was in charge of a team that repaired military fighter airplane engines at a famous military airbase.

The crew specialized in fast engine repair.

The witness was also a member of a secret military airplane crash team.

This elite crash team was always on alert to speed to a disaster either by air of ground.

The team was composed of civilians, enlisted men and officers.

This witness became experienced in airplane crashes.

He knew what to expect, what to look for, what to do upon arrival at a crash scene.

At this particular crash, it was quite obvious that the craft had slammed into the side of a forested mountain and blew up into thousands of small objects scattered over a large area.

Field tests revealed startling results.

A shroud of secrecy settled.

After that came Roswell.

The object landed.

There were aircraft in the vicinity or aircraft chasing the object.

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