Strange Lights In Sky

Strange Lights In Sky

Date: June 1, 1954

Location: El Cerrito, CA

It was a Sunday evening and must have been in November of December, because it was dark and I needed to be in Berkeley for a youth church meeting.

My route took me South on Pomona, 3 blocks to Eureka and I turned left on Eureka to go up the slight incline to Colusa which would take me to the intersection of Eureka & Colusa,

I looked up and noticed 2 large lights on the horizon.

Having lived in the area all my life, I noticed both lights were close together, and in a strange place close to the hill horizon.

I stopped to watch, and noticed that the lights began moving upward, together.

They moved off into the night sky at a 45° angle and when they had reached a place high in the sky.

I noticed that there were about 6 or 8 little star like lights darting about in the sky behind the double lights.

I was absolutely fascinated.

All the little lights sped toward both big lights and went in the lights.

I concluded both lights were a mother ship and the little UFOs went into the mother ship.

When I told about my experience at JC, another young woman's said she saw the same thing.

She lived in El Sobrante which is about 10 miles North of El Cerrito..

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