UFO Seen Over Edwards A.F.B.

UFO Seen Over Edwards A.F.B.

Date: 2022

Location: Edwards Air Force Base, Kern & San Bernardino Counties, CA

I was working at Edwards Air Force Base, located in Kern & San Bernardino Counties, CA.

It was a job I was able to secure due to the clearances I had obtained while serving in the Marines.

I was with 2 other co-workers at the time, since we would take turns driving our vehicles due to the size of the base and we lived in the same city located off base.

The time was roughly 6:30 p.m.

As we made our way to the northern exit of the base past the Boeing mother ship for those familiar with the base.

We entered onto highway 58 eastbound towards Boron, CA.

I was in the back seat and decided to rest my eyes for a little due to it being about an hour drive home.

I woke up to both of them calling my name to wake up and to check out what they were looking at.

Headed towards us was this glowing almost pulsating orange glow.

The time must of been close to 7:00 p.m., it was November so pretty dark out.

We were roughly located between Silt & Boron on highway 58.

As we stared at it traveling eastbound this object was headed southwest towards the base.

It was directly above us before we knew it.

We were exited as it approached us but fall silent when it was directly above us.

What we saw was a large craft traveling maybe 200' above us completely silent & ominous.

We're talking almost Vantablack skin of the craft and a bright red orb in the center which seemed to pulsate.

It continued on its way as we continued eastbound.

There's a video of the approach towards us that one the guys was able to get, but for some reason I assume shook myself included was to busy staring at it to get it above us.

I'll get his permission to attach the video if this generates any interest.

I'm hoping my experience will help others come forward and one day we can learn the truth of it all.

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