Paralyzed & Unable To Talk

Paralyzed & Unable To Talk

Date: June 15, 1956

Location: Edroy, TX

I was woken by 2 beings approximately 4' tall.

I was paralyzed and could not move or talk, yet I was able to communicate with these beings telepathically.

They told me I would have to go with them.

I asked if I could tell my mother as I slept in the bed next to hers, and they told me no.

It looked like to me, at that time, that they had huge black sideways teardrop shoulders.

I was only 5 at the time and my perspective was from a prone position in bed.

When many years later I saw drawings of other people's descriptions of aliens, I recognized what I saw.

Anyway they said I must go with them.

Everything else is a blank.

When I was next conscious of being back in bed I told my mother what had happened, she told me it was only a dream.

It was as real an experience as writing this post, it was vivid, and clear.

Believe me I would not tell of this experience if it were not real.

For years after that, whenever any science fiction shows came on TV that had aliens in it, I would break down and cry uncontrollably.

My parents and their friends thought I was emotionally sensitive, or a big baby, take your pick.

I have suffered depression, and alcoholism since, and have always felt different.

I recently went to a psychologist who tried to hypnotize me to remember.

But I was either unresponsive to the hypnotism, or the part of the episode that I can't recall is buried too deep.

If anyone knows a therapist who specializes in these events, please let me know.

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