Lights On Object, Emitted Beams & Landed

Lights On Object, Emitted Beams & Landed

Date Reported: October 10, 1956

Location: Edna, TX

My older brother & twin sister were leaving the only Edna theater at about 9:00 p.m.

We had our bikes and I took a different route home than my siblings.

As I was going along, I looked up at this beautiful orange harvest Moon that kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

The next thing I knew, I was riding down the street, going as fast as I could, scared at I knew not what.

When I got home, my mother asked where had I been? The other kids have been home for half an hour.

I came right home mom. I said it so sincerely, she believed me.

I have vague memories of being completely under control except for my thoughts.

I was sad because my stepdad drank a lot, and I was thinking, Who will take care of Mom?

I also, I have memories of making love with this beautiful alien woman and during it, she was in my mind and I was in hers.

This may not have been my first encounter as when I was a little boy, living with my grandmother and grandad in Spring Hill West VA.

I used to have these nightmares of skeletons coming through the log cabin, (15 rooms & square hardwood logs.

I would want to sleep with my grandmother, but she thought I was hallucinating.

Then, about 1975, I was working late and long hours near Cincinnati, and after about 20 hours of work, I headed to my home in Colerain Township, OH.

As I came to this stoplight on to a main road, scarcely populated, there was a hill to my left.

On top of this hill was a large circular ship with spotlights that were going all over the place.

There were 2 cars ahead of me, stopped with their motors off, and the people in them were like zombies.

I looked over at the ship and thought I'm too tired to be concerned with you now.

I went around them and got home with no missing time.

The next day, the newspaper said a military helicopter reported running into a UFO, losing power of their vehicle, and only gaining control just before they hit the ground.

One other interesting incident, after being told by a psychic that I went up in a UFO with aliens, I became expert in Reverse Speech, told the story, and when I reversed it, it clearly said I went up into the sky with and an alien woman named Zua.

My neighbors knew what I was into.

Using crystals and copper cones, and such.

I spent $50,000 researching and building what I call an Energy Matrix, where one can feel the energy and at one area see it, normal people can see it.

About 3 or 4 years ago, in the evening, my neighbor lady knocked on my door as I was at the computer and said my TV antenna had red and white globs of lights jumping all over the antenna.

This was in Costa Mesa, CA.

I went outside, and a couple visiting said they had never seen anything like it.

I looked at the antenna, and saw nothing.

The next day, Art Bell reported that there were red and white UFOs spotted at Oceanside, about 40 miles South of Costa Mesa.

I hope this report is of service.

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