Lights On Object - Aircraft Nearby

Lights On Object - Aircraft Nearby

Date: July 12, 1956

Location: Edmondton, Alberta, Canada

Object approached Edmondton, Alberta Airports main hanger and flew over it low, slowly and silently.

I am a light plane pilot.

At the time of this experience I was about 25 years old and I had about 150 hours of flying time.

I was at this time also employed with an airline and had been for about 2 years.

I was flying my plane from Minnesota to Anchorage, Alaska.

I landed at Edmondton, Alberta and cleared with the Royal Canadian Air Force, getting briefed and permission to fly their airspace via the ALCAN highway.

Just after sundown I was lying under the wing of my plane, half inside a sleeping bag, watching a plane shooting take-offs and landings.

As the plane landed and taxied into the hanger, I saw a blinking light approaching just above the hanger.

I thought what is this idiot doing out of the traffic pattern.

I sat up in my sleeping bag and watched as it grew closer.

It looked so very low and as it got over the hanger I saw that it was round and the lights were not blinking, but the object was wobbling back and forth and this gave the illusion of the lights blinking.

There was no sound.

When directly over the main hanger, it appeared to be huge.

I would say a few hundred feet in diameter.

It was impossible to actually judge the size for I could not tell the altitude even though it looked to be no more than 100'above the buildings.

I shucked out of my sleeping bag and turned on the ignition in my plane to radio the control tower, but the radio was completely dead, not even static.

I then took a rough compass bearing and watched and timed the object as it passed over us.

It went about due West, blinking all of this time for 20 minutes when it made roughly a 90° right turn and accelerated and was out of sight in less than 10 seconds.

I tried to call the tower again on my radio, and I was able to get through to them, but then decided I had better not report this information or I might be held up from leaving for Alaska for several days, or maybe even be refused permission to continue my trip, so I said nothing.

The next morning I took off for my next days destination, Calgary, AB.

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