Pigeon Lake Sighting

Pigeon Lake Sighting

Date: October 15, 1952

Location: Pigeon Lake, Alberta, Canada

What I am about to describe is what I saw back in 1952, in an area that is about 75 to 80 miles southwest of the city of Edmonton at a place called Pigeon Lake.

I was working in the oil fields at the time and we had shut down the ditching machine for the night.

Now as you may know after operating a machine like this all day, when it is shut down, the stillness you can cut with a knife.

We were in an area that was clear of any objects, only low willows and rolling hills.

The evening sky was clear as a bell, not a cloud to be seen, a typical fall evening.

The time was about 5:00 p.m., the month was late September or early October, I cannot be sure.

There were no oil rigs working in the area that we were at nor was there any flare pits burning anywhere near us.

As we started back down the right of way that we had cut through,to get back to the half ton truck to go back to camp, this is what we saw.

We were walking East, and out of the North and going South came these 2 objects, they were cylinder in shape with one just above and ahead of the other.

They both glowed like the red ember of coal but the out line of the cylinder was sharp,not fuzzy.

They did not appear to be that high, not travelling all that fast.

we both had a good look at them as they went by.

It scared the Hell out of me as well as the chap I was working with.

They did not make a sound.

As I looked at him and he looked me, this is what he said:

When we get back to camp don't you open your mouth to anyone as to what we had just seen.

And I did not talk to anyone for years about this, as in those days they would have thought you were nuts.

Even now when I bring up the subject, which is not often, I get that:

Who gives a damn look from people.

Even when putting this information down I can still see them and the goosebumps go up my spine and the hair on the back of my neck goes up.

I am still spooked by this experience.

I do not know what more I can add to this statement other than you can't tell me there is no such things as UFOs.

I still live with what I saw.

I hope I have done this information right for you folks because what I have written down here is not a cock and bull story, I swear on the bible it is true.

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