Disk Shaped Craft Hovering Over Highway

Disk Shaped Craft Hovering Over Highway

Date: April 15, 1950

Location: Eastern Arkansas

I had purchased my first car and thus know the date of this event.

Was driving from Arkansas to Edgewood Arsenal, MD, where I worked.

I was following a car containing 2 people who were motioning toward an object hovering over the highway approximately 2 to 3 miles away.

They stopped on the shoulder and so did I.

We watched the object remain motionless over the highway then go off away from us instantly.

I did not know the names or homes of the other 2 witnesses.

When I got to Maryland, the Sunday edition of a Baltimore Sun newspaper had a photo on the upper right corner of the front page in which the same shape object was shown in the distance over a house which had a chimney.

In or about 1990, I tried to locate a copy of this newspaper and was told by the newspaper to contact the Maryland Archives which I did.

They responded to my inquiry that the photo to which I referred had been blacked out of the microfilm image with a notation of a security step, which was totally stupid to me.

The object was like the typical drawing of UFOs of a disk shape and was at an angle of about 30° off horizontal.

There were no observable lights and no sounds.

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