There Were Electrical Or Magnetic Effects II

There Were Electrical Or Magnetic Effects II

Date: July 15, 1955

Location: Eagle Pass, TX

I have recently come across a magazine.

The booklet is about Mr. Martin's sighting of a UFO in the late summer, August of 1955.

And his encounter with being within this object.

Mr. Martin asserts that he was driving North from Eagle pass Texas and had just passed the Nueses River.

It was about midnight.

At this point Mr. Martin's legs and arms began to feel numb,

Mr. Martin quickly pulled off the side of the road fearing he was having a heart attack.

As soon as his car was stopped a noise from behind his car caught his attention.

An object came from behind Mr. Martin's car and stopped across the road from him.

Mr. Martin describes a cigar shaped craft that appeared to be hovering about 8' above the ground.

He could not see landing gear of any kind.

Then Mr. Martin felt compelled to get out of his car and walk across the road.

As he came around the back end of the object he saw a medium sized humanoid woman step out of the craft.

He said at this point he had a conversation with this being.

After this brief conversation Mr. Martin got back into the car and cannot remember starting it.

He watched the object take off at a very sharp angle, clearing very easily the nearby treetops.

Mr. Martin never heard any noise from the object and within a matter of seconds from it taking off it was gone.

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