Golden Glowing Slow Flying Triangle

Golden Glowing Slow Flying Triangle

Date: August 1, 1954

Location: Dyer, IN

I saw a silent, exhaustless, golden glowing slow flying triangle on a late summer afternoon.

On event duration I put in 15 seconds but I left and ran home, through trees, before the craft, which moving and turning slowly, left view.

This triangle was not a sharp arrowhead type but just the opposite.

A wing like triangle much shorter than its width.

Its appearance was wider than the Moon, maybe 2½ Moons.

It was bright gold colored and there was no variation that would give a clue as to any curvature or depth to it.

It could have been a flying flat 2 dimensional object for all I could tell.

It was turning slowly without banking and there was no sound nor exhaust.

The turning was gradual and I assumed it was a small directional correction rather than a complete change but I didn't observe the final direction.

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