Objects Performing Unbelievable Maneuvers

Objects Performing Unbelievable Maneuvers

Date: 2000

Location: Death Valley

A sighting that I had was about 4 summers ago when me and my mom were on our way to Vegas to visit family.

On the way there, past Death Valley and about 1 or 2 hours away from our destination, we noticed 2 silver objects really high up in the sky above us and the mountains to our left.

They were performing unbelievable maneuvers, high speed accelerations across the horizon and break neck turns that simply no man made jet could do, and Iím very into the design and structure of aircraft and aircraft themselves.

Both objects were whipping around, darting around each other, flying around each other, ascending to extreme altitudes and falling back down across the sky with the other right on its tail.

Some of the turns they pulled would kill an average man, it was absolutely amazing.

My mom was driving and asked me to keep an eye on them as she too tried to keep her fix on them.

Coming up on the freeway we noticed that 4 police and highway patrol vehicles were stopped and parked on the right shoulder of the road. All the officers were standing outside their cars with binoculars watching everything that was going on.

The whole even that I witnessed lasted about 9 minutes. Is it possible they were man made, some sort of test?

We wondered that, but it was just too incredible and too fast to be human.

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