Night Of Sputnik Sighting

Night Of Sputnik Sighting

Date: April 10, 1957

Location: Dublin, Ireland

I was a 9 year old child in the school dormitory at Mount Sackville Convent, Pheonix Park, Dublin, Ireland.

Next to the residence of the Irish President Eamon De Valera.

I was looking out for Sputnik in a clear sky which I saw, but was diverted to lights in space which travelled very fast then stopped for a while and then shot off at great speed in other directions as though travelling by pulling themselves toward or repelling themselves from large objects such as planets and stars.

I then saw a large craft travelling low over the school.

It was round and had many different colored lights in a circular fashion underneath which darkened and lightened as though it was propelling itself and stabilizing itself by fixing on different elements under the Earth.

This saucer continued over the grounds of the presidents residence until the trees hid it.

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