Craft Landed In Our Field One Night

Craft Landed In Our Field One Night

Date: July 17, 1953

Location: Dublin, IN

My brothers farmed after dark, they told my mother.

My mother started yelling for the kids to run out to see it.

It was located in our field across the road.

I was about 11 years old, but remember running out with mother.

We stood about 400' from it, it was the size of a large round above ground swimming pool.

It had lights going around looking like portholes.

We watched it for 30 minutes, it made no sound.

I don't remember anything more.

We told no one of the event.

I asked mother why we didn't report it, she said people would think we were crazy.

My twin brothers who were farming, 17 years old, may have been harmed.

They became sick afterwards, were admitted to the mental hospital remained the rest of their life, until their death.

I have always been plagued by this.

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