I Think It Was A Dream

I Think It Was A Dream

I recently had a dream...Or I think it was a dream, that has stuck with me for quite a while. Most details are sketchy...but what I remember is as follows:

I can't say if it was in a craft, or underground, like in a milab, but it was dark with subdued lighting. I am unsure if alone or escorted, but I never felt I was in danger or anything of the sort.

There was a slight downward slope or angle on what seemed to be a sidewalk or paved surface. There were numerous types of entities, not so much on display like as in a zoo, nothing like that. It was more like a community.

There were only 2 types of entities that I remember well, but I know there were many more.

The first was very tall, over 6' and with large heads with pinkish hexagonal shapes and vein like features covering visible area. They wore white robes, or appeared to be robes.

The second were Pixie or Nymph like entities, tiny and petite...under 2' tall and very human like and spoke fluent English. They offered a sense of cheer or peacefulness, euphoric almost sexual in nature, very strange.

This experience, or dream, was totally peaceful, no sense of fear whatsoever

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