Object Appeared To Be On Fire

Object Appeared To Be On Fire

Date: September 30, 1946

Location: Dome, AZ

There were lights on the object.

The object left a trail, I observed a sudden, very bright flash of light from a large flying object that appeared to be on fire.

I was 14, and we lived 23 miles East of Yuma AZ, in the tiny town of Dome.

My mother was the school teacher, and we lived in the school building.

I was in the 7th grade that year, and was one of 7 students.

We had no running water, so every night I took a bucket and went to the railroad water car and got the water for the night.

It was a trip of about 1,000' each way.

I was about ¼ of the way to the tracks when there was a very bright flash of light in the sky.

It was bright enough that it cast very black shaddows in front of my body.

I stopped, turned and saw what appeared to be a very large object on fire at about 45° above the horizon, and appeared to be about 10 miles distance.

I could observe what appeared to be structural members, like the beams you would see on a bridge, that were outlined by the fire.

I watched this object move across maybe 30° until it disappeared behind Castledome Butte.

It appeared to be below the mountains to our northeast, and the butte to our northwest, and went below the crest of the butte.

I told my mother what I had seen, and she said it was maybe an airplane, but I had never seen a plane that looked like that.

There were no wings, or tail surfaces, and these would have been visible in the light it was causing.

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