I Feel It Was Life Changing To Me

I Feel It Was Life Changing To Me

Date: June 30, 1972

Location: Continental Divide

On 4th of July Weekend 1973 I drove cross country by myself through the continental divide to Kentucky. I remember this weekend because I could not get a hotel room.

I encountered car trouble at dusk as the sun was going down. Later I found out it was transmission problem.

A spaceship, one occupant looking forward pulled next to me and thought to me did not speak, did I need help. He faced forward and did not look directly at me but I understood him perfectly.

I am thinking yes but so scared I think no. I was petrified.

He did not look directly at me, but head big and I felt he would help me anyway. He went very fast away after hovering next to me for what seemed like long time but I would guess a minute.

I have forever been changed by this event. In so many ways. I should not have made it to Kentucky, but somehow I was assisted.

Ship was small, oval, egg shaped on top. The top was clear and I could see occupants head. He seemed of short stature, because ship was almost the size of my car, an Oldsmobile.

The ship made no notable noise, not touching freeway when it left.

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