Flat Dime On Edge Observed By Lab Personnel

Flat Dime On Edge Observed By Lab Personnel

Date: September 23, 1948

Location: Los Alamos - Santa Fe, NM

Group of Los Alamos Scientific Lab personnel, A. Ruble Angier, John C. Fairchild & others, waiting for an aircraft at the landing strip, saw a sun reflecting glint in the sky from a flat circular metallic object high in the northern sky appearing like a flat dime on edge slightly tipped as if 50' away.

Case recounted in unpublished Ruppelt manuscript said to be included in the Top Secret AMC Estimate of the Situation, apparently a revised version of the August. 5, 1948, initial draft.

Witness A. Ruble Angier saw a round flat object with the apparent size of 100' to 150' in diameter. The object was stationary at about 25,000' to 30,000', and then started to move. Object seemed to be moving in a semi circle.

Witness John C. Fairchild says the object was oblong or egg shaped and appeared to have a speed of 700 to 800 MPH.

There is a discrepancy as to the date of the incident, Mr. Angier says the incident took place on September 23, 1948, and Mr. Fairchild says the incident took place on September, 25, 1948.

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