Many Individuals See UFO

Many Individuals See UFO

Date: April 3, 1949

Location: 1 Mile Southeast Of Dillon, MT

Miller Construction Co. owner Gosta Miller, a commercial pilot and aviation engineer, and an employee, and a trucking company owner and a gas station attendant Lovell, Lessey, Greene, saw an object like 2 inverted plates attached face to face, matte blue/grey or greenish/grey non reflective bottom, bright aluminum top reflecting sunlight.

20' diameter, others estimated 15' to 25', 4½' thickness.

Object seen over the North end of town at 4,000' height about 4 miles away moving in several directions rocking or rotating in semi circles 6 times, move East descending rapidly to about 800' height, rock again a few times with upper side now visible reflecting sunlight, fly southwest to 2 miles West of Dillon, rock again a few times, then rapidly flew over airport 12 miles northeast of Dillon at 1,000' departing rapidly to the East disappearing over mountains.

No sound or trail.

Speed 1,000 mph so great object seemed blurred.

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